Alex is a first generation Salvadorian-American and was raised by a single mother who built his fundamental views on equality, perseverance, and standing up for others.

As a child, Alex remembers his mom as an advocate for those in need by regularly providing a support system for friends leaving abusive relationships. She became a foster mother in Alex's teenage years and has since legally adopted three medically-fragile boys. She was able to do all of this while juggling multiple jobs and completing nursing school. To this day, Alex views her as his most impactful role model.

It wasn't until his 30s that Alex was diagnosed with Dyslexia, an impairment that affects reading ability and speed. As a result, school came as a challenge to him in his early years—particularly standardized tests—but Alex learned to fight hard for his place in higher education and has forged alternate paths to accomplish his goals. 


He went on to complete graduate school as the top student in his department and worked as a data scientist in cybersecurity.

Education & Experience

Alex received his undergraduate degree in political science and psychology from San Diego State University, and his graduate degree in political science with an emphasis in political psychology from Long Island University Brooklyn.


While a full-time graduate student, Alex took a full-time job as a product analyst at an NYC tech startup. This was his first exposure to working in technology and was instantly hooked; he ended up teaching himself how to write code. After completing graduate school Alex needed something to occupy his newly acquired free time and joined a Data Science boot camp to further his career in tech.


After completing the boot camp Alex joined a new tech startup focusing on cybersecurity; SecurityScorecard. In this role he gained a deep understanding of how the internet works, and built predictive algorithms to assess cybersecurity risk. While also working at SecurityScorecard Alex taught a part-time Data Science course at night. In his free time he built technology that tracks the work of our federally elected officials and gives users an overview of what’s going on in Congress – Tally.





His strategy is simple: to bring his experience identifying problems and executing innovative solutions to Washington, and to attack long-standing issues like healthcare, affordable housing, and corporate greed. He believes that together we can make NY-9 the incubator for America's most progressive new ideas.

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